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Attn: TOFEL Practice : Movie Report "White Mill"


Fishy on True Story

"The movie is based on one true story" narrator wrote on the scene. By Internet, an introduction described the float class 2 means wide between the ledge in river. It related with speed in teh movie. River name is not same by net resouce.

After one company tried to advertise one of its tour products by playing basketball with a team of nuns, the executive director Miller called an operational comference for all staff in high places. "With thsi high business, talent clients, heart beat, you want I want , somebody said I want your lunch. That's distributor ! We are not " Miller provoked weight then left the room.

Mr. Miller, 'parent' of company, has burdened very heavily in the fiercer business competition. Now he started to talk with his senior chief, David's spouse to close the relationship. For erasing the unhappy feeling of his employees's spouse, that probably caused from guys' long overtime working ? Company has to meet the family numbers. Employer will talk with them about their house negotiation , kids, their works etc... thsoe issues. When Diana left Mr. Miller's office , he added: "come our home if you have time , we, my wife always like to play bridge..." This double cookie lady in Miller's mind is easy treat.

One rereshing idea was put forward again. It was brought to the president decision meeting. He cared about the advertisement effect by nomination . But Mr. Miller who plays the second fiddle to the president, appearently holds the fort for the company. He mad ethe last determination of the participants to this plan. One package tour will be grouped by ten of the top brass. Big shot from int'l cooperation of the country. It's only two days to Ouachita River, Vancouver, Canada, fish and float tour.

When spouses kissed and saw off their husbands on pick-up car, the jet was set off prevate airport. Name list as below:
1. Mr. Don Herd
2. Mr. Jack (ambition young man 30s)
3. Mr. Jerry
4. Mr. Cong (50s)
5. Mr. Dennis
6. Mr. Andy Don (Arrogant and taste man , 40s)
7. Mr. David Glass (Diana husband, 40s)
8. Mr. Rick Color (perspective, distance, 50s)
9. Mr. Bill Spencer (Financial Expects 50s)
10. Mr. Ester (40s)
11. MR. Dan Miller (organizer)
* ____ death list

The best day float 5.6 persons went to float Class 1.2 reported weigh made a speed down. Rick and Jack left to fish and talk one deep book. Miller want to stay too. The 2nd day, their car trapped, Miller then ordered his colleges and those invited big men to search branck or rock to run the reel wheel, while stood by himself . When Guild an dhe waited for these all-day-sit big men winch the car, he asked tour Guilder if the group need separate two boat, the answer seems no enough driver to find this time, so Miller gave up. This tiem Mr. Bill Sperncer wanted to stay but went with. Rick Color's push "you come from so far but not enjoy the adventure ? " Made this porr person died. Andy frightened. This journey perhaps is an unlike float, six class.
The Rub boat finally took 11 started. It turned over at the ledge. In the movie, some suspect scene interested me. 1. Why Diana got only US$ 5005.72 and cold thanks on Miller for the 0.72 she got from David's pay-off. Toe the line, the spouse can be limited to the labor compensation only, but one of them got millions, not mentioned who, before the ins an dout's trails. 2. Why the guy rushed out court so excited, when the jury judged the compensation reduce 45% . #. Why Miller stopped to rescue two numbers up to boat, whom possilbe live, and told out Mr. Spencer has died form heart attack, and cold water striving. 4. Why two boats run to search, when Mr. Miller ever asked separately, but Jack wit Miller insisted all go together ? 5. Why Miller left his company the next year, and do one-month whitewater rafting in Yantze Rivwer, China, one of the most dangerouse in the world ? 6. Why one scene in movies seemed Mr. Rick Color, big man has reached the bank with Ech. met peter ?

All Best Wishes

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