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Chinanteco de Comaltepec (CCO)" mean?

Comaltepec Chinantec (cco) number only 2,200. They are located in the ��mist forests�� of the Sierra Juarez Mountains of Mexico. This language��s
tone system is one of the most complex yet known. The special tone characters in this language require one of the SIL fonts for proper
viewing. Charis SIL can be downloaded for free from It may be necessary to adjust browser settings to ensure this font is used.

The Sierra Juarez is a range of mountains in Oaxaca state, Mexico between latitudes 17�X20'-17�X50'N and longitudes 96�X15'-97�X00'W, with an area of
about 1,700 km2. It is part of the Sierra Madre de Oaxaca. The range is separated from the Sierra de Zongolica to the north by the Santo
Domingo River, flowing through the Tecomavaca Canyon. It stretches south-eastward to the Cajones River and the Sierra de Villa Alta.[1]
The mountains are in the district of Ixtlan de Juarez in the Sierra Norte de Oaxaca region. The range is named after Mexico's only indigenous
president, Benito Juarez, who was born here in 1806 in the small village of San Pablo Guelatao.[2] The heavily wooded area is about 62 km from
the city of Oaxaca on Federal highway 175, heading towards Tuxtepec.[3]


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