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March 10th, 2000

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Dear Sir,

It is in 2003 Autumn. I have accepted the employment at "Tea Flower" farm , for a director position

I am writing you here , hand my homework to you through the Internet.
WX 02 : P19 _"PRACTISE WRITING" by Mary Stephen _Longman_ISBN 0-582-27922-4

This is an inchoate group resort, initiative tea plantation farm. I got to here only one month.
I am at the General Office now . The closest several offices are busy at embellishment.

Yesterday, I was ready to pick up my clients at station. Some one slightly knocked on my door,
while with a very gentle nice voice. " Who is this? " I asked. "Your Christmas Card , Director"
" Put it down under the door please", then I continued to collect what I need to bring .
Who sent this to me ? No few traced me here. why such familiar envelope? I could not help picking
up it. Eh! ? I rushed out to the manager's room. " Does our training completed ?"
"sorry , not yet.".... After I left his place, passing the reception , I saw that diffident boy blushly,
who I had asked to send my letters couple days ago. How could we blame the country guy.
Anyway where I could find more ones like him here? He even never saw a single English
Letter in his life.

This Christmas card would be posted to England, a cherished friend. I gotta invite him here ,
to share the grill fun, tranquil curiosity, and a lot. Now it is better to revers it , if this is omen,
not being sent at first . I show you the present below, give some ideas to me , will you ?

I must leave to the station , no any wait, immediately.

What a lucky noise day! The train was late 50 min , when I peddled on the jeep there. I opened my
profile case, found that I had to call the manager .

"Bob, I lost my address note , could you please check if it was in your place ? I am afraid I forgot it
there , when we talked . "
" What it looks like ? " Bob's sound on phone ,
" Brown cover, 128 cut-fold size, with one leaf remark"
"Got it , on the computer. So what can I do for you ? "
"tell me M r. T phone number, I have time to Tele Photograph Station ."......

Till here today. Talk to you next time.


JulieWhiteCo@netscape.net [julie-w-h@about.com invalid since Dec. 15th 2001]