Problem Solution

1. If the Integret Perpherial item of BIOS disppeared, could my computer install devices such as scanner, video cam etc ?

2. If Q.1's answer is NO, how to deal with this problem ?

3. what are the reletionship of IRQ, PnP, PCI , Intergret Perpherial and time clock ?

4. How driver could make the indevidule device work more efficiently ?

4. Could the power manager driver or other equivelent software make the MB power over voltage ?

5. Could Q.4 's drivers severely damage voltage exchanger even transfer 220v power to the Mother Board ?

6. If Q.5 true, then what happen? While what language has been used to fabric the driver?

7. Could the monitor diver make the moniter over voltage ? If true , how to detect ?

9. How to make a dual boot on a using Win95 OS platform? suppose to add an linux system?

10. What are the most easily crapted oppornents in computer ?And the longest and shortest sound?

11. It is said all the PC I/O width are 32 bit currently, and the 128 bit devices will enter the market, if it is true
all the now using PC would not be able to continuely operation with a global net environment , would it ?

12. Are there any good methods to chose compatible sound card, vga card, modem card and other devices for 1 PC multi_OS

13. Should I install the different OS drivers in different partitions at where the OS program was installed ?

14. How can I judge the MB external frequency , and the CPU internal frequency is exactly what the instruction told me ?

15. If I could not find the same brand main memory chip with my MB's, I'd not add up my 64K memory to 128k right ?
and I would not run the high OS like NT/2000 without the 128K memory ? So do I have to change all of the memory?

16. Mac & Common PC which one will perform more capable forward the foreseeing next years?

17. What is firewall ? Why can it protect our computer work properly? Could old PC role as the firewall ? How to set?

18. My PC often got "Connection reset by Peer"when online to browser, and login failure, did this cause by the remote firewall?

19. What's overclocking ?

20. Why only Dual inline memory modules (Dimm)?

21. What is unbuffered synchronous?

22. What is Parity EDO / None Parity EDO means ?

23. What is EDO DRAM and DRAMS difference ?

24. What does Message LED requires OS and dirver support mean ? and How ?

25. Super Multi-I/O provides two high-speed UART compatible serial ports and one paralledl port with EPP and ECP capabilities.

26. Which item of BIOS support SCSI device boot-up?

27. what is SYMBIOS firmware.?

28. How AAVID / Elan Vital Heatsink function on PC ? what are they different?

29. If PnP funcitoning, need I set PCI and PnP's IRQ auto to ISA ? if yes, when?

30. Could I fix a 30 times RW as slavy with one IDE which primary is CD rom ? If the mutiple unfit, what happen ?

BIOS FOCUS ========================================================== ONE} Standard CMOS Setup

1. Hard disk, CDROM, RW, Floppy Disket all use Primary , secondary IDE , how to better arrange them ?

2. If some hard disk capacity over 8G , then it means this one could not be utilited on OS win95 but high OS ?

3. SCIS will use the IDE together with above devices or not?

4. how to choose 4 modes of LBA/large/auto/norm

TWO} BIOS Features Setup

1. when to use CPU level 1, 2 enable and when disable ?

2. what is CPU lever2 Cache ECC check ?

3. how to determine opts SCSI/IDE of HDD sequence ? 4. what is LS/zip, c/D,A/E,A/F,A under Boot up Floppy Seek ? How to choose ?

5. And Floppy Disk Access Control FUNCtion's R/w /c only/Lan, A, C/Lan, E, A ?

6. how and when do I know I am using or I have a HDD S.M.A.R.T capability under running ?

7. How to decide IDE HDD Block Mode sectors opts (dis/enable)?

8. when should I enable c8000-dffff showdow ?

9. boot up numlock status ? on/off

THREE} Chipset Features Setup

1. EDO Auto Configuration 60ns/70ns DRAM /Disable/Auto how to opt under what condition?

2. EDO Read Burst Timing 222/333/222 ~

3. EDO RAS Precharge Time 3T/4T/3T ~

4. EDO RAS to CAS Delay 3T/3T/3T ~

5. SDRAM RAS to CAS Delay Auto/3T/2T ~

6. SDRAM RAS Precharge Time Auto/3T/2T ~

7. MA wait state Auto/slow/fast ~

8. SDRAM banks close policy Aubitration /Page-Miss ~

9. 16-bit I/O Recovery Time 1 Busclk /2 "/3 "/4" ~

10.8-bit I/O Recovery Time 1 Busclk /1~8 busclk ~

11.Graphics Aperture Size 64MB/128/256/4/8/16/32 ~

12.Video Memory Cache Mode UC/USWC

13.PCI 2.1 support Enable/Dis

14.what DRAm are 64 (not 72) bits wide means ?

15.Data Integrity Mode NOn-ECC means ?

16.Onboard FDC controller Enable /Disable

17.Onboard FDC swape A&B No swap /swap AB 18.Onboard serial port1 2F8H/IRQ3; 3E8H/IRQ4; 2E8H/IRO10; Dis and if PnP install, these setting lost function ?

19.Onboard serial port2 2F8H/IRQ3; 3E8H/IRQ4; 2E8H/IRO10; Dis

20.Onboard Paralled Port 378H/IRQ7; 278H/IRQ5; Dis; 3BCH/IRQ7;

21. how paralled port and serial port 1,2 conterfere together?

22. How to decide paralled port mode of EPP/CP/ECP+EPP/Normal?

23. And ECp DMA select Disable/3/3/

24. Onboard PCI IED Enable Dis/Enable/both/primary/secondary ?

25. IDE ultra DMA Mode auto/dis

26. IDEO Master PIO/DMA mode auto; 0/0; 1/0; 2/0; 3/1; 4/2

27. IDE0 Slave PIO/DMA Mode auto; 0/0; 1/0; 2/0; 3/1; 4/2

28. IDE1 Master PIO/DMA mode auto; 0/0; 1/0; 2/0; 3/1; 4/2

29. IDE1 Slave PIO/DMA Mode auto; 0/0; 1/0; 2/0; 3/1; 4/2


1. PWS could supply good website link , allow you establish new web?

2. F1 to get most of window dialoge.

3. find example command code, then use to improve your website

4. with dynamic form ? to gather visitors' information to DB ? PWS support command and DB(where?)

5. webstation icon to update index.html , how ?

6. simple editor (including wordpad and ??) to produce html

7. if most files need to change freqently, stop the index.html first,

then initiate content brower ? that it would be visible to visitors?

8. how to add a virtual item to public content, use resource share in files control?

9. how microsoft word files transfer to html automatically through INTERNET ASSISTANT?

if this means profiles from different OS, or version software will be totally justified to html?

10. copy index.html to each public_item == such as ?

11. how to install a visitor list and box ? if they don't do this , how can I know who ever had been my website?

12. for inquiry form could be achieved by Microsoft ForntPage(R)/Visual InterDev(TM), test on PWS ? How ? PWS run behind the IE and Wordpad ?

13. with WPS plateform could test websit first then put to server of co. or internet servers. But without it , we could test our homepage from IE on the wordpad ?

14. Under the advance, main content indevidul one for what function , for example , iisadmin, iishelp (adc, msadc), iissamples, msadc, scripts, webpub.