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Attn: TOFEL writing practice : An Unforgetable Journey


A Journey
That was a sunday in 1986 summer. It was a nice shiny day. I set out to my destination . As I have been to many temples previousely everywhere, "this time would not be the same , would it ? " so I went by myself.

The bus took me forward stately, throught the window movie, a moment , the xiang river , the only one water resource in Changsha city appeared front of me . Looking at the grey float, and the orange island locatd in the middle of river under the bridge, I thought what a brilliant encouragement our great chairman Mao had performed . He was ever so astonishly swam across River Xiang at his 70s high age. I imagined it ought be fairly joyful after they launched on the island intervally .

The season oranges got ripe now. The scattering yellow was being vague among the trees. The island has been planted and built for many years. I wondered wether the basket and basket oranges we ate from it free. . Should I date our calssmates to the island and taste the juicy fruits.

"Shanshao village has been reached" the ticket collector raminded me I had to get off. Along the prefucture road, I walked to the indicating board, which wrote an arrow to "Wenshan Temple". Just followed and went! Having passed rice-crops fields, bushes , samll forests and few stock farms, I forgot how far I had gone. Then the arrow pointed to a terrible narrow steep hill path. Go or go back ? I asked myself. Glance at the watch, it was 3:30 pm , could I be able to get back to school if I kept going on ?

Yes, I did. The temple was found only 3 minutes after I continued my may.

All Best Wishes

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