A Broadsheet of Tea by Thomas Garway back to 17th Century

Following is the text of the famous broadsheet or advertising leaflet circulated by coffeehouse proprietor Thomas Garway, the first to sell tea in England, with contmporary spelling , but today's punctuation.

The Drink is declared to be most wholesome, preserving in perfect health until extreme Old Age.

The particular virues are :
It maketh the Body active and lusty.
It helpeth the Head-ach , giddiness and heaviness thereof.
It removeth the Obstructions of the Spleen.
It is very good against the Stone and Gravel, cleansing the Kidneys and Urinators being drunk with Virgin's Honey instead of sugar.
It taketh away the difficulty of breathing, opening Obstructions.
It is good against Lipide, Distillations, and cleareth the sight.
It removeth lassitude, and cleareth and purifieth adult Homors and a hot Liver.
It is good against Crudities, strengthening the weakness of the Ventricle or stomack, causing good Appetite and Digestion, and particularly for Men of corpulent Body and such as are the great eaters of Flesh.

It vanquisheth heavy Dreams, easeth the Brain , and strengtheneth the Memory.

It overcometh superfluous Sleep, and prevents sleepiness in general, a draught of the Infusion being taken , so that without trouble whole nights may be spent in study without hurt to the Body, in that it moderately healeth and bindeth the mouth of the stomach.

It prevents and cures Agues, Surfeits and Fearers, by infusion a fit quantity of the Leaf, thereby provoking a most gentle Vomit and breathing of the Pores, and hath been given with wonderful seccess.

It (being prepard with Milk and Water)Strengtheneth the inward parts, and prevents consumptionk, and powerfully assuageth the pains of the Bowels, or griping of the Guts or Looseness.

It is good for Colds, Dropsies and Scruffy , if properly infused purging the Blood of Sweet and Urine, and expelleth Infection.

It driveth away all pains in the Colicky processding from Wind, and purgeth safely the Gall.

And that the Virtures and Excellencies of this Leaf and Drink are many and great is evident and manifest by the high esteem and use of it (especially in later years) among the Physicians and knowing men of France, Italy, Holland an dother parts of Christendom: and in England it had been sold in the Leaf for six pounds, and sometimes for ten pounds the pound weight, and in respect of its former scarceness and dearness, it hath been only used at Regalia in high Treatments and Entertianments, and Presents mad ethereof to Princes and Grandees till the year 1657 . The said thomas Garway did purchase a quantity thereof, and first publickly sold the said Tea in Leaf and Drink , made according to the directions of the most knowing Merchants and Travellers into Eastern Countries: And upon knowledge and experience of the said Garway's continued care and industry in obtaining the best Tea, and making Drink thereof , very many Noblemen, Physicians, Merchants and Gentlemen of Quality have ever since sent to him for the said Leaf and daily resort to his House in Exchange Alley aforesaid to drink the Drink thereof. And to the end that all Persons of Eminency and Quality, Gentlemen an dothers, who have occasion for Tea in Leaf may be supplied . These are given notice that the said Thomas Garway hath Tea to sell from sixteen to fifth Shillings the pound.