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Dear Sir,

Once "Self-Destructs" allow message merely stays few seconds to whom who only need to each other, it must be the reliablility of e-commerce questioned. First of all , is the evidence obtaining, then is the variety unsolved hacking prevention problems . Further more, our currently implementing social legislation could be doubled aand attacked.

Accer 350 serial Notebook, broken after uneasy type things .

Compucon , Windows 95 throught its monitor view , becasue of its too heavy.

(No anti-virus time and McAfee Education ver not felt helpful . . . )

Windows XP moved to change the motherboard twice as the HDD embedded password protector CSS uncertain.

Windows XP motherboard has been stolen from home the PC's case, trade mark IBM of that year, later few months IBM brand was replaced by LENOVO continuely marketing in Hong Kong today

Windows Vista appeared UNKNOWN/SWITCH between gateway and PCs . When connecting one computer, this week found, its vpn udner the modem to ISP though even ,this modem mac not matched its label by ISP

Windows Vista motherboard recycled MAC to CIPHv6 at the same time ipconfig \ cmd showing with IPv4 to MAC Lenovo agreed ethernet card. LENOVO and IEEE are tracing this , and May. 2017 says they are not working at it

Windows 7, 8, 8.1 , 10 ... all not help to over come the network stranger MAC in gateway touching to ISP , no motherboard info at Bios UUID this time except the windows vista Mar. 2017 percieved

The Lenovo A58 default oem Windows vista home with its IPv4 2nd gave motherboard and , IPv6 DUID at dhcpv6 the 1st built-in motherborad mac , nowhere included Lenovo said would be able to stop its events.
The existing on computer board and the off computer mac of ethernet , alternatively cut off and reconnecting to the networking , shared being...!
IF ANY WHO would like to help stop this somewhere running item 's behaviors of obsolutive abusing, please contact me.

All Best Wishes

Update: Thursday, February 18, 2016, 22:54:34.hk w7pw10p; 3:21 PM Feb/14/2017 w7pw10p modem ovpn , July 18 2017 11:34.hk w8.1pro openv 042g m93p GLF-

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