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March 3rd, 2000

Dear English,

I am going to scrutinize you this time. When I was a young girl, I started to learn Apple , Banana, and Carrot.
Then, uncle went far away. I almost forgot what he had taught me: " This is your dad" when he pointed at a cat. Several years
elapsed, and the English course was reopened at school. Gradually  , I became able to
verbalize some meaning. Time passed like a flash. After I completed the last University courses ,
I realized , much to my suprise, there were so many things I did not learn.

For Example:
                                             What is the exact difference of
1.  abstruse                                  When should I use them
2.  arcane                                            How can I make use of them coherently
3.  enigmatic                                               To whom do I need to say these words
4.  esoteric                                                          Why some words can people Angry,  Happy, or sad
5.  inscrutable                                                            Which Occupation are these words for , which do engineers favour
6.  obscure                                                                               ........
7.  opaque                  (a) obscure and not easily understood        (e) mysterious
8.  rarefied                  (b) mysteriously obscure, hard to fathom     (f) indistinct, dark, unclear
9.  recondite              (c) difficult to interpret , explain              (g) unintelligible in meaning
10.turbid                    (d) restricted to initiates, highly confidential    (h) esoteric or elite, seemingly distinct or remote from
                                     (i) dealing with difficult material,     (j)normal reality,
                                   (k) understood only by experts, hidden       (l) confused and muddled

In addition,                Adj.                                  Noun.                                        Adv.
                                      crustaceous                    legitimateness                        reproachably
                                      crustacean                      legitimization                        reproachingly
                                      arthropodous                legitimator
                                      arthropod                                                                                                Etc...

Consequently,  the problems of how to use English adequately,  began to multiply relentlessly.

As there is too much to describe, I  listed a simple word-relevance table,  to escape  turbidly focusing on particular points.

  • Occupation     intelligent      physical      art      service
  • Age   ( till today)
  • Gender   female    male( not a decisive factor )
  • Culture  English      U.S.A      Canada      Australia      New zealand
  • Terminology Versus Phrases in an Article
  • Jerk,being rude
  • Animation  Frantic  Pleased  Seemingly  comfortable  interested  enthused  content
  • Emotion   irritate   annoy   sad

With classification  like those above , there probably are something called a vocabulary spectrum that actually exists.  But how to
define their periphery, at least , to some extent, is what has to be done in future. And you , our sir, is one of the
best, who can help us. Please guide us in clarifying the optimum for individual stems.

Moreover , my curiosity had never been fulfilled through my incessant reading , and so on. ...

The target of Command up English will be set like : " so that one will not be patronized and feel inadequate, be gossiped about or chuckled at."
On the other hand, I must open my eyes widely to avoid using tentative and distortive English. That wouldn't make Native
Speakers sense calumny,aggravation or menace even offense .. No matter I have to keep striving , I
decided to work hard on it constantly , till it is substantiated.

Another thing vexing me is the balance between elaborating the article and scribbles writing-down. Practise is a very
important and effective way to achieve the purpose. However,for many foreigners, I believe , most might have an awareness of decline.
In their practise, like they are procrastinated somehow.

Persisting in diligence, or be a brick layer? Learn through learning or Learn after learned ? Only the marvellous educator
might have some nice ideas, for God's sake, don't disappoint me, let me find relief.

For instant, Vocabulary Remembering : Root/Family/Reading will benefit .
                                                      Listening TV , Radio , Newspaper, can be helpful
                                                      Reminding at intervals: ???? how to control intervals
                                                      Physical  ???? how to moderate
                                                      Psychological ???? how to stimulate
                                                                                                                                       ..........................All of them cannot be erratic.
And the most vital key , what are the popular topics for native English speaker nowadays ?

After you read through this letter , please kindly point out what makes you feel weird as a native English teacher.

Friendly and Generously

Remark: 30 ~ 40 new words of mine were exercised here.
           Make me a mediocre English User please, whatever at the end of WX . Thanks a lot.