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Tuesday, November 28, 2000


Dear Readers

How they Beat Big Brother (Newsweek, 1/15/2001)

                 The encryption technique of creator Whit Diffie, an animal lover, rioted sharp fighting of the commercial secuirty vs national security between two sides of the computer hackers, academics, wonk civil libertarians and spies, generals as well as White House. One need privacy, away from eavesdropping, keeping critical business dada and the commercial products export competition, another wants to probe the Libyan terrorist, north Korean nuke program and Iraq chemical weapons. Setting a gate or not and an effective gate achievable or not becomes the focus point for the United States.

                 The private key and Public key could technically keep secrete safe, however, it open the door for terrorists, drug dealers and child pornographers simultaneously. In order to get rid of the bad effects, NSA (National security Agency)'s Clipper called key escow was introduced into the businesss marketplace by its director, Clint booker. Although the Clipper's installlation cautght all quarters and huge corporations' (including AT&T, the top of communication) objections before it was endorsed to Federal Information Processing Stand of U.S.A under the strong persistent of Bill Clinton Administration on feb. 4, 1994. This problem never made the Whie House or congress to be its Nirvana, even today.

                 Ironically, a crypto researcher, Matthew Blaze found the backdoor fo Escow. His test proved only a bit of thought to defeat the embedded string code of Clipper. This found wary the publics trust to the Big Brother, which dedicated to CIA, NSA and FBI. Much worse item is that the law issue is widening businessmen channels, made them possible to escape government supervising while obviously they had followed the national secure process, under the embella of government. The most typical instant is the export regulation establishment combined with the Clipprt. The new comer of congress, maria Cnatwell etiminately figured out the hole of law, submit the reformed bill to exempt form the factual mistake. Eventually, her opinion had Clinton administration formally aproved the export of strong crypto without any requiremnet for key escrow.


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