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Dear Readers

Chinese Fabulouse Acupuncture Experience

                 Suffered the seldom unbareable muscle pain and thought probably no too long time left for me,
tried painful physical treatment as well mixtural horrible colorful medicines, bravely accepted the acupucture
finally. It is unbelievable Fabulouse Misterity. After two days by seven to eight needles , totally 60 minutes pricked
the pain and speakless uncomfortable gone for at least one day more because the uncontinues.

                 Believe or not , this treatment should be the most nature one in the entire healthy enviorment. People hopefully would
not rely on kinda harmful medicines to solve their nearly any yet too servere illness, by personal guess.
p.s Today I was taught the justice need money to get or exchange . True or Fauls ? Any one talk with please?

The every acupoint was sort of even funny and painful to have it. The thousands of years summary to today, they are endlessly developed.

The story has never stopped. The Gang would never rest without the blood nutralized them in your body. Until can not movement right , properly any more .



JulieWhiteCo@netscape.net [julie-w-h@about.com invalid since Dec. 15th 2001]

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