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Manufacture (Rapid Prototypoing and Manufacturing Conf & Expositon, Resemount, III 313-271-1500) (Lasers for Manufactureing conf, Arlington Heights, III 407-380-1553) (Int'l Forum on Design for Mnaufacuter and Assembly, Newort, R.I. 401-738.5840)

Data, Internationl, Software (summary) (Complex) (International MODAPTS Association Conference, Cocoa Beach, Fla.703-492-0237) (CIMdata cnference, Palm Springs, Calif 734-668-1957)

Project Managerment Softwere Source (Active Alert)
Suited for project and resource manger, business executive, and finacial executives,
It automatically informs individuals via e-mail, mobile phone, pager, fax, or html pages
when an event has occurred or an adverse treand has been identified, 24 h/day, 365 days/year.

CFM Inc.
organizeds work, peole, time and documents into one visual whole. The user can create live Link to text, a database, Loutus Notes, or graphic documents. develope time onlike , project maps in HTML . free viewer.

Information Mangement Services Inc.
Maximize resurce productivity, achieve project deliverables, and ensure on time and budget.

Kidasa software Inc.
click-drag-and-drop interface. incorporated into Microsoft powerPoint, excel, word and more.

Micro Planning International
Mid-range project, resourceing report writing and cross-plantform campatibility.

Pacific Edge Software Inc.
integrate project initiation, knowledge mangt, resource mangt, time reporting, project collaboration, and decision support with a top-down planning approach.

Palisade Corp.
@RISK analysis and stimulation

PlanView Inc.
SQL DB, IE/Nes. INC. time, expense acct, skill searching and skills scheduling, workflow managt. document mangt. service logs. maintainance magt. and integret with other businese software.

Primavera sysems Inc.
multi-projects focus. Esp, for Industries

Project control
Multi OS : Windows, Macintosh, UNIX

Robbins-Gioia Inc.
UNIX, suited for large, integrated program environment.

SME Corp
Sage U.S. Holdings Inc.
Applied Computer Services Inc.
Divilbiss electronics
Ease Inc.
H.B. Maynard & Co. Inc.
IET Inc.
MTM Association
Manufacturing Integrated Systems
Meylan Corp.
Modern Management Inc.
Nexgen ergonomics Inc.
Royal j Dossett Corp
Spalding software Inc. (Free)

Services and Products


Quality Assurance

DEVELOPE SOFTWARE (C++ developer) (3D design plate drawing) (3D architec drawing )

Flexible Automation, Time Study, Process (Japan-USA symposium on Flexible Automation, Ann Arbor, Mich, 734-763-0480)

Ergonomics in Industry

Supply Chain (Distribution)

Adapta Solutions Inc,
Advanced Process Combinatorics Inc.
AIM computer Solutions Inc.
American software
Aspen technology Inc.
Brain North America Inc.
Celerity Solutions Inc.
Command Line Corp.
E/Step software Inc.
Enhanced Systems & Services Inc.
Global Technology Services Ltd.
Interbiz Supply Chain group
Lawson software
Lilly Software Association Inc.
Manhattan Association Inc.
Manugistics Group Inc.
microAnalysis Inc.
Optum inc.
Peartree software Inc.
Prescient systems Inc.
Renaissance Software Inc. (SupplyChain World North America Conference and Exhibition, Rosemount, III 412-781-4101)

RockySoft Corp.
Simulatino Dynamics
Slingshot e-City
User solutinos Inc.

Material Handling (North American Material Handling Show and Forum, Detroit 800-345-1815 )



http://www. (Hannover Fair, Hannover, Germany (609) (Intrephex, New York (203) 840-5845)

Strong University for Industry

Career Fair (National Society of Black Engineers National Convention and Career Fair, Charlotte, N.C. 703-549-2207)

Food & Beverage, Consumer Chemicals, Plastics, Complex Assembly Industry

? (WERC Annual Cof. , Sna Antonio)


Flowcharting Help Page

Labor Management

Strategy & Businese & Cash Flower

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