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April 7th , 2000

Attn: GXW1_Homework06 /Balance Report for a New Leisure Centre

Dear President,

I would to like to recommend a new leisure center to you which I thought to be pleasure to visit.

Trump _ was opened last month. It was constructed in the suburb near Stone National Park.
This leisure center applied the most modern architecture design in the world: structures with
concret and glass material fundamentally; contains completedly possible facilities including
swimming pool, football and basketball pitches, a fitness suite, restaurants, lounge bar, one
disco, and a cinema.

The main building only has two floors separated by opaque heavy grey solid_strengthen glass.
And the major base force baring its whole weight was made by light concret while finely shaped
depending upon the substructive architecture necissity. All of the outside walls were expressed
with blue grey rigid large plate mirror glass. The most advanced adherity technology guarantees against
wind 8 force as long as without viberation. The room internal wall frame set by slight wood pad, leave as much boarder
glass face as possible to permit the most natural light coming into the room.

Every suite is equipped with 3D Audio , 2m X 1.5m wide screen super-satellite communication central control computer
system. This system is programmed with the artificial intelligent 'dialog' recognition, which can synchronically
modify temperature, sound tune, services, swithches, environment contacting and security ect. over twenty
models of functions. The most extrodinary thing is all of them are sensible individually to the mind activity
or behavior motion analysis of the person living in the rooms.

The Sport pitches plentifully satisfy any their favor fans. Each one is designed by an international match standard,
enough to accept an competition like Olympic.

The resturant and bar supplies most cultural food and many choices of beverage, with close obsequious service. Both
are open 24 hours a day, no matter when you arrive and which o'clock you would like to enjoy till. The Wild Disco, Double cinema
are more suitable for young people, but they are adequate to attract any age visitors. The showing of movies help you to catch up with Hollywood pulse.

However, such an absolutely new style building can give a person a paranoid feeling sometimes when you are enclosed or
surrounded by it. You may even perhaps lose your sleep for days. The glass floor can slow down your usually quick moving
actions, somehow changing your personality when you are living there. But it is a wonderful place to be there at least
once. Further more, from spring to winter, the nearby natural Stone Park entices hunters, fishermen and golfers.

Yours Sincerely
Julie W. H.

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