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Dear Friends,

Travel with Julie to HangZhou Town in southern China.

"Up be Heaven , Down be SuHang" shows Chinese compared her being a Paradise.
HangZhou named by its culture and history in China. To the tourists, she has worldwide well known scenery. She is one of the six famous
ancient capitals tracing with 237 years' record . In history , there were fourteen kings ever established their imperial seats at the place.

The Beauty of HangZhou was pure natural creature on the tranquil West Lake. She is embraced amid various flower, grass and woods,
looks like a huge colourful wreath. XiaoYingZhou Isle, Central Pavilion, and RuanGueng Mound, the triple isles resembles three emerald
ornamented on the Lake.Well, the embankments of Su & white draw out two verdant ribbon, undulate on the surface of West Lake gently.

Not only for her fine art scenery, Hang Zhou is more prominent as a Tea Joy City. Firstly put down the " Lion , Cloud, Dragon and Tiger "
Let's take a look at the mystery Tea Queen , Lung Ching.

Lung Ching won many hearts coodinated with her nice green, light aroma, fresh flavour while linear shape. However, wanna get a cup of
quality Lung Ching is not an easy thing.

To get only one kilogram LungChing Tea, it will cost 80,000 pieces of tender bud, eight skilful tea girls, whole day labour. And the making
can be done merely by hands. Except the season and area and variety factors etc.., taste good or not will utmostly depend on each step of
the entire making process. The main points include temperature, time, stirring tool using iron or copper pot and sorts of different manners :
fitter , bring , extrude , toss , straight , rub , hold , clutch , flatten and grind.

The stories about Lung Ching Tea , I'm afraid no much time to tell , but one from emperor Qian Lung revealed a secret -why LungChing Tea
at thin flatness. It is said King QianLung ever journeyed southern China , rested in a Teahouse. He picked the tea leaves from 16 trees front
of the inn, and laid them in his book , to bring back to his royal mother.

When the empress dowager received the present , she was attracted by the wing like leaf, and drunken for the flavour drinking too . Since
then , the Lung Ching Tea had had been to the Royal tribute annually into Palace.

The Most interesting fact is that the Tea Drinkers , virtually often inherit some alone, sad ,and arcane personality. In Hangzhou , why
ZhangXiaoQuan shears, a fun souvenir was awarded lots prizes. Maybe a pair of scissors could cut off the dangerous involving in time.

Nice talk to you

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