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March 17th, 2000

Attn: GXW1_Homework03 / Apperance Description

Dear Sir,

The man on fax picture looks like an offspring of the middle east. As he resembls Sadam Hosain so much, I nickname (metaphor) him Sadam.

Sadam often dresses in superb material, well-known brand, nice tidy formal suits with matchable colour ties. He is not so tall,
mid weight , plus his bossy face, that he could show people a very stable, and confident image when he stands by you.

Actually , he has the unbelievable mild character, while great friendly collaborates with his men. The company has contained
the advancing position in its field for decades. The people work for him , all love to contribute to this company , as well as their
admired leader.

He has few honest secretaries , who keep sending work reports to him through phoneline , or network. In addition to , his
manpower management, he needs not go to his office very often , but must be punctual each times.
Thanks to his martyr and leader genius, he has won a plenty of time, for social communication, outdoor sports and the family.
Maybe that is why his family affection was praised widely by his colleges.

His pretty wife , even over 40 years age, still with young lady's charming. Their two children have entered the famous universities.
The couple seems should really start to enjoy their own time again. There're no body could help admiring this wonderful family.

All Best Wishes

JulieWhiteCo@netscape.net [julie-w-h@about.com invalid since Dec. 15th 2001]